Your Place or Mine?

$500 1 hour
$700 1.5 hour
$800 2 hours
$1,200 Dinner Date
$2,000 Overnight
$5,000 Weekend
$10,000 Weekly
$150 Social rate
$2,000 a day, $10,000 a week Travel





Midnight at the Oasis

Desert Affair - Overnight up to 12 hours (minimum 6 hours sleep) $2,000

Las Vegas Strip Dining Package: Drinks, Fine Dining, and 2 hours of private time $1,200

*Couples are very welcome. Let's meet for a drink before moving forward. Couples, 90 minute minimum. No additional charge.

*Please include an additional $100 for appointments scheduled after midnight.

*Please have consideration in an unsealed envelope in plain site or in a gift bag for public presentation upon arrival. Your gift to me is never to be discussed including "negotiation".

*Reserving 4 hours or more requires a good faith deposit.

Our new friendship is based on mutual respect. We hold precious our time and privacy. Still, life can interrupt the best made plans. Should you need to reschedule our date, I am pleased to accommodate you within reason. A cancellation within 48 hours of our appointment time will incur a 50% re-booking fee. If you cancel twice in a row, we are not a good match and simply cannot be friends.

Lady Love

Yes, I see women with or without the company of men. Gentlemen, I would like to speak with your lady before the appointment. Let’s meet for a drink or a cup of tea before moving to a more intimate venue. I have a number of gorgeous, fun playmates to join us if your lady love isn’t here with you.

Geisha Bath Experience

You disrobe and submerge yourself in a deep bathtub of warm water. Close your eyes and allow me to wash every inch of your body with slippery, soapy cloth and hands. Step out into the embrace of thick, dry towels and be lead to the boudoir for a light massage leaving you prostrate to my advances. It is a very mellow ritual that will melt your body and mind. No additional fee.

Tantra, Temple Arts

I have trained with three teachers including the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA). I am told I have a very open heart energy. Ritualized sacred spot massage is amongst the offerings. May I introduce you to this ancient practice? Perhaps you are already familiar with the exhilaration this brings. We will gently explore the elation and energy that only your sacred spot can release.


Working with ED and emotional traumas are part of my highest calling. You have found a friend, lover and confidante.

The KINK Tent

I’m a fan of experiences listed below.

Each encounter takes us to another destination and level of intimacy. The possibilities are endless and as limitless as your imagination.

Beyond the Horizon

I love to travel. I’m truly a “take me anywhere” companion. I enjoy scenic drives, big cities, boating, motorcycles, and across the pond adventures. This year I’d particularly like to go to Asia and the Black Hills. Where were you planning on going? I pack quickly and lightly and am relaxed and at home in the airport. I speak and understand a smattering of French and Italian. When booking a travel date, a $1,000. non-refundable deposit is required.

Surprise Me...